Darkness be thy only friend...

Born to a life of abandonment and servitude, Syl'Kara is confronted with a horror she could not have imagined. Still a child, by elven standards, she is ill-equipped to handle life on her own, but that will soon become the least of her worries. Faced with an enemy that it seems no one else can withstand, she is left with a simple choice: run and hope someone else can put an end to the terror, or take matters into her own hands, despite her crippling fear.

More about Siscci:

Siscci takes place on Ayrelon’s main continent Gargoa, and is set in the region known as Algona, and the Kingdom of Tellrindos. Algona, and the three neighboring regions south of Tellrindos, are collectively referred to by the people who live there as ‘The Four Fiefdoms’, even though they long ago seceded from Tellrindos and the southern Kingdom of Haern, and rule themselves with complete autonomy. The four fiefdoms eventually reunite in the year 1173 of the 1st Era to become the Kingdom of Arkhania, which is where half of the story in Bathed in the Blood of Ravens takes place.

The protagonist of Siscci is a young girl named Syl’Kara, who through her trials takes a new name, and becomes something greater than she ever could have imagined. She eventually makes an appearance in Bathed in the Blood of Ravens, and contributes to the main party’s quest, acting as a form of ‘Anti-hero’, under a completely false identity, though a few cast members eventually piece together who she really is. She also makes an appearance at the beginning of Dusk, shortly after the events of this novel.

Where does Siscci fit on Ayrelon’s timeline?

Siscci takes place directly following the events of the short story Threads of Night, and overlapping with the first third of Dusk. It also takes place more than 600 years before the events in Bathed in the Blood of Ravens. It is a standalone novel, and can be read by itself, before the other stories, or after them.


Author’s Note:

Siscci is the product of a very vivid dream that I had a few years ago. In my dream, it was set in a remote town in the American Northwest. I struggled for a bit on how and when I should write the story, but ultimately the answer came to me as a sudden burst of inspiration. I always knew vague details of Sylk’s tragic past. The missing piece was the event that sent her on the downward spiral. As I was spit-balling ideas with my wife, I suddenly realized that the entity that was Siscci fit perfectly within the confines of Ayrelon, and actually helped tie several stories together quite nicely.

So, here she is in full detail. Presented to you in dark prose, to fill in the details of Sylk’s past and lay the groundwork for several other stories I have on the back burner.

Siscci - A Hands of Death Novella

Dark Fantasy / Supernatural Thriller

Siscci - Stealth Edition

Dark Fantasy / Supernatural Thriller