About Ayrelon

Ayrelon is a fictional world created by R.L. Parker in 1993. After spending decades building the world, its kingdoms, and its people, his writing began in earnest on June 14th, 2020. Three series are planned to explore the world of Ayrelon.

Ayrelon’s history is shrouded in mystery; hidden behind a magical veil that few can penetrate. Populated by humans, elves, dwarves and other magical creatures, its people are constantly beset by conflict and war. Not all is what it seems, and there are those who seek to manipulate the entire future of the world for reasons that few can comprehend.

Planned novels/works:

Four major continents:

Gargoa - (g-arr-go-ah) - Largest continent, and location of the majority of the stories to be written.

Xulrathia - (zool-wrath-e-ah) - Second largest continent. It’s north is home to an ancient Draconic empire, and it’s south is home to the enormous kingdom-sized city of Nok’Tuul (aka: Necropolis). Located on the other side of the world from Gargoa.

Pelrigoss - (pell-r-ih-g-ah-ss) - The sundered lands, or shattered continent, east of central Gargoa.

Syndrilos - (ss-in-drill-ah-ss) - Circular continent surrounding a great volcano, located deep in the southern hemisphere.

Three moons:

Provoss - (pro-v-ah-ss) - Large moon, closer to Ayrelon than Aygos. Rises into the skies over Gargoa near dusk.

Aygos - (eye-go-ss) - Same size as Provoss, but further away. Follows Provoss across the sky very closely.

Zathos - (zah-tho-ss) - Smallest moon, red in hue. Orbits closest to Ayrelon. Rises into the skies over Gargoa near dawn.