Relentless be the drive of a Kingdom made from bone...

Vengeance be their fear, as Dragons wake from stone...

The world cannot fear what it does not know; a fact that has allowed the people of Dusk to exist in relative peace for centuries. Hidden behind a shroud of mystery on the distant continent of Xulrathia, the southern Kingdom is home to the most devout followers of Ayrelon’s god and goddess of death; who take their church quite literally. Few know the true nature of Dusk’s citizens, and fewer know the true nature of Queen Mordessa, the demonic creature who rules them.

The only threat the immortal residents of Dusk might fear lies to the north, hiding within a veil of secrecy, deep within the Talaani Empire. Their ancient war long abandoned for reasons they cannot remember, Dusk's Undead and Unliving residents live in relative peace, completely unaware of what their Queen has done to hold the terrible, scaled empire at bay.

Fate’s memory is less forgiving.

More about Dusk

Dusk takes place on the Ayrelon’s main continent of Gargoa, and the distant continent of Xxulrathia, previously not covered in any other written works.. Xxulrathia was long ago divided between two great powers. The ancient Talaani Empire controls the north, occupying a massive caldera and the mountains that ring it. To the south lies the Kingdom of Baan’Sholaria, and its more than seven-hundred-mile in circumference capital city known to most of its occupants as ‘Dusk’.

Most of the residents of Dusk are considered ancient themselves, though none can remember how the cold war with the Talaani began, or precisely what holds the powerful empire at bay. Divided themselves between the worship of Ishnu, the Sylvani goddess of death, and Xxrandus, the Agthari god of death, they spend their days performing whatever duties they must to subsist their Undead or Unliving existence, while working hard to stay hidden from the rest of the mortal world.

Unbeknownst to all but their Queen, their northern enemies were long ago cursed; their draconic gods petrified for all time, ensuring their power would never exceed the great Liches that controlled the southern Kingdom.

That curse is about to unravel. An ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled, and those who’ve grown complacent in their unnaturally extended lifespans are ill-equipped to withstand what comes next…

Where does it fit on Ayrelon’s timeline?

Dusk directly follows the events of Siscci, and the short story Threads of Night. It contains a few cross-over characters, and mentions some of the events of those stories. However, it has a standalone, self-contained main plot and is not considered a sequel to Siscci, so either book can be read alone, or in any order. All three stories precede Bathed in the Blood of Ravens by several hundred years. They are not required reading if you wish to step into the grander tale of Ayrelon’s main series, and can be read before or after Blood of Ravens. The choice is yours.


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