Nightweaver most commonly appears as a decrepit, hunched over, old hag who seems barely able to stand, let alone walk. This state of extreme aging is a side effect of an unwanted contract with a demonic host, who saps her of youth and prevents her from spending prolonged periods in her natural state. She is a being of unknown origin, who appears human. Her actions indicate that she is operating decades ahead of even the most powerful, knowledgeable people in the world toward a goal that only she understands. She has been a thing of legend among cultures the world over for thousands of years. Descriptions of her have been found by Mordechai that predate remembered, recorded history.


Like Mordechai, Sorscha once suffered great memory loss and could not remember a time prior to 1,233 years before the start of Bathed in the Blood of Ravens. During the events of Threads of Night, she recovered her memories, revealing a great deal about the future of Ayrelon and a horrible fate which loomed over the entire world.

She has made it her duty to prevent the future she has foreseen. With untold patience, she has roamed the world, acquiring followers and manipulating major events toward her own design.

Fun Facts

Character History

Nightweaver was a common NPC antagonist in tabletop roleplaying campaigns, even when that wasn’t the desire of R.L. Parker. Players, and even protagonist-aligned NPCs, often attributed events to her and the Circle of Nine which were not their doing. This made for some very fun adventures, and disastrous encounters for those parties that were unlucky enough to actually track her down and challenge her. There is so much more to her history that will be unveiled over the course of A Destiny of Blood & Magic, future short stories, and the novellas and series that follow.