Daughters of Chaos

Daughters of Chaos is a detached series of standalone novels that tell the legends of two of the most terrifying creatures ever to walk the surface of Ayrelon: Siscci, and Mordessa. Each of the novels in this series can be read on their own, or in any order, though the prescribed reading order is generally order of publication.

Siscci - A Hands of Death Novella

Dark Fantasy / Supernatural Thriller

Born to a life of abandonment and servitude, Syl'Kara is confronted with a horror she could not have imagined. Still a child, by elven standards, she is ill-equipped to handle life on her own, but that will soon become the least of her worries. Faced with an enemy that it seems no one else can withstand, she is left with a simple choice: run and hope someone else can put an end to the terror, or take matters into her own hands, despite her crippling fear.

Darkness by thy only friend...

Dusk - A Circle of Nine Novel

Dark Fantasy / Gothic Horror

The world cannot fear what it does not know; a fact that has allowed the people of Dusk to exist in relative peace for centuries. Hidden behind a shroud of mystery on the distant continent of Xulrathia, the southern Kingdom is home to the most devout followers of Ayrelon’s god and goddess of death; who take their church quite literally. Few know the true nature of Dusk’s citizens, and fewer know the true nature of Queen Mordessa, the demonic creature who rules them.

The only threat the immortal residents of Dusk might fear lies to the north, hiding within a veil of secrecy, deep within the Talaani Empire. Their ancient war long abandoned for reasons they cannot remember, Dusk's Undead and Unliving residents live in relative peace, completely unaware of what their Queen has done to hold the terrible, scaled empire at bay.

Fate’s memory is less forgiving.

Relentless be the drive of a Kingdom made from bone.

Vengeance be their fear, as Dragons wake from stone.


Dark Fantasy / Horror

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