Gaerin Ravencrest



Gaerin (G-air-inn) is a tall, stocky, muscular former adventurer now retired and living a peaceful farming life just outside of Mooncrest. He studied and is well versed in all forms of armament, but always preferred to wield a warhammer and shield. He has a dry humor, and often quips back and forth playfully with his wife Lyla, with whom he shares a deep bond. He is a driven man, with great focus, and is not happy unless he has something he can obsess over. For over a decade, that obsession has been training Laurence to be a better fighter than he is, using lessons he learned at Fel’Rechaun and on the road as an adventurer. Nothing matters more to Gaerin than family.


Gaerin was born just north of Mooncrest to Arcturus and Fraela. He was the younger of two sons, and formed a close bond with his brother. Arcturus spent his days in the alchemy shop that occupied the lower floor of the home, while Fraela tended to the boys’ needs and studied to be a cleric of Galrath.

It was common for the boys to get into mischief and small tussles, with each other and other children from town. It wasn’t long before it became obvious that both boys wanted to grow up to be warriors like Gahl, and both of their parents actively supported their decision. As soon as both of them were old enough, Arcturus and Fraela took them to Fel’Rechaun and enrolled them.

Gaerin and Tolrin were bigger and stronger than most of the other students, and most of the staff. They were naturals and easily became the best students of their class, graduating in first (Tolrin) and second (Gaerin) place. As their schooling had been paid in full by Arcturus in advance, mandatory service in the Arkhanian Legion was waved, but both boys had a yearning for adventure.

At age eighteen, they set off with Arcturus, Fraela, and their uncle Octarian to see as much of the world as they could, and travel the lands helping wherever they could. After one such adventure near the village of Mensch, they met Lyla Dalrison, a cleric in training at the small church of Galrath nearby. She and Gaerin fell instantly in love, and she left the church to accompany them on the road. Less than a year later they were married in Yollville, a small town north of Gusarski Cove.

A few years later, they found themselves in Pelrigoss on the fated adventure that resulted in the death of several of their group, including Tolrin, Fraela, and Octarian. They returned to Vellenheim to seek aid from King Orluhnd IV, which led to several years of service for Arcturus as Arch Mage. Gaerin worked as a bodyguard-for-hire during that time, serving nobles and their families whenever they traveled through Vellenheim or Port Vaelin on urgent business.

After their departure from Vellenheim on in year 99 of the 2nd Era, Gaerin and Lyla purchased an abandoned farm from the town of Mooncrest that was situated halfway between the Ravencrest family home and the edge of town. They grew vegetables of all kinds, using advanced farming techniques that Lyla had learned as a child in the north.

Over the years that followed, Gaerin taught Laurence everything he knew about martial combat and the ways of war; training that he and Tolrin never had the advantage of before attending Fel’Rechaun.


Character History

Gaerin was never a player character or NPC in any tabletop gaming sessions in the 90’s, but was mentioned when roleplaying Laurence as an NPC on a few occasions, whenever Laurence reflected on his past. His playful banter and interactions with Lyla are based loosely around those between R.L. Parker and his wife, Kristina.