Arcturus of House Raven



Arcturus (ark-T-err-us) is a cynical old man, who through long years has learned to dismiss the world for its failings. He has lost both faith in the ruling class, and his patience for the council that governs Mooncrest. His love for family, though, is unwavering and often pushes him toward rash—often harsh—decisions. He has seen too much loss in his time, and wishes nothing but to prevent such loss from befalling Gaerin, Lyla and young Laurence.


Arcturus was born to Gahl and Eilianna on Brighanfjor 19th in the year 1115 of the 1st Era of Man on Ayrelon, near the town of Mooncrest. When he was four years old, his father Gahl left once again to join Orluhnd Vaelin in the war to unify the lands, forging the Kingdom of Arkhania. His father, unfortunately, never returned home.

Eilianna continued to raise he and his younger brother, Octarian, on the outskirts of Mooncrest for a time, until officials from the local outpost of the Arkhanian Legion brought word from the new King that she and her sons were to be relocated to Vellenheim, in honor of Gahl who had become a widely revered hero among the people. Once there, Arcturus and Octarian were enrolled in school alongside the nobles of the court of Vaelin Palace. Arcturus buried himself in studies of history, lore, and the arcane. Octarian focused on martial skills, becoming a skilled archer and scout.

When Fel’Vizsiour was finally completed in year 10 of the 2nd Era, Arcturus was invited to be its youngest attendee. There he trained under Ekthri, Afyr, and Human masters of the arcane, and excelled in studies of Wizardry while dabbling in Alchemy. After conclusion of his studies, he stayed on at Fel’Vizsiour in service to Arkhania, protecting the surrounding region and completing small missions for the good of the Kingdom.

In the year 25 of the 2nd Era, he stumbled upon an alchemical concoction that allowed him to extend his youth, and thereby his lifespan. He was never able to re-create the potion, and up to the start of our story still struggles through failed attempts at brewing the strange potion. The event did extend his life, however, and allowed him to meet Fraela Delrinson.

Arcturus met Fraela in year 65 of the 2nd Era. At that point he was seventy years old and had given his entire life to the Kingdom, but he had the youth of a thirty year old thanks to his accident. She was twenty nine, and had refused every suitor her father had found for her. After the passing of her father, a noble, King Orluhnd III held an extravagant funeral celebration. Arcturus was called upon by the King to help guard the procession, as her father was escorted to his place of rest through the center of Vellenheim, a two day trip by carriage. They met during the ceremony, and he offered to watch over her until she settled the estate, and either moved away, took a station among the court for herself, or found an eligible suitor.

One year later, they married at the grand cathedral of Galrath in Vellenheim, and Arcturus left his position at Fel`Vizsiour to join her at the Delrinson estate near Vaelin Palace. Over the next two years, Arcturus saw firsthand the political manipulations that led to driving the poor out of Vellenheim and Port Vaelin, and attempted to fight back against what he saw as a great atrocity.

After failing to convince Orluhnd III to see reason, he and Fraela donated the Delrinson estate to the church as an orphanage, and moved to his old family home outside Mooncrest to raise their two young sons, Tolrin and Gaerin. Fraela spent the years studying the clerical magics of a priestess of Galrath, while Arcturus continued to pursue the elusive concoction that had extended his lifespan.

In the year 86 of the 2nd Era, Gaerin (17) and Tolrin (almost 18) left to attend Fel’Rechaun, the Kingdom’s Warrior college. They graduated 1st and 2nd in the class one year later, and immediately set off to the north seeking adventure near the border of Tellrindos. Arcturus and Fraela, tired of staying home through nearly two decades of child rearing and study, joined them on their adventures. Octarian joined a few months later, completing the Clan Ravencrest group, which grew in renown.

The five made a powerful group, drawing support from locals and gathering more and more companions as they traveled. Their adventures ultimately led to the Kingdom of Pelrigoss, on the fated adventure which saw the deaths of Fraela, Octarian, Tolrin, Myrindia, and several others.

Laurence was born at sea as they fled Pelrigoss. His mother expired shortly thereafter, leaving Arcturus, Gaerin and Lyla the soul survivors of their trip to Pelrigoss. They returned to Arkhania and stayed in Vellenheim for a time, attempting to convince King Orluhnd IV to declare war on Pelrigoss. Arcturus even took a position as Orluhnd’s Arch Magus for a time, in an attempt to win his support.

After a few years, once they realized their efforts were futile, the three took Laurence back to Mooncrest and once again returned to their family home. Arcturus has remained in his home ever since, brewing concoctions for the local residents of Mooncrest, continuing his pursuit of the elusive youth potion, and dabbling with brews that he hoped would prevent, or reverse, death.


Character History

Arcturus was never a player character or NPC in any roleplaying sessions. He was created explicitly for Bathed in the Blood of Ravens.