Lyla Ravencrest



Lyla (Lie-la) is a small, plump, energetic woman with a heart of gold who sees the good in everyone. She has a sharp wit and takes most things in stride, and enjoys going back and forth with Gaerin in pointless conversations poking fun at each other. Her skill with clerical spells and prowess with a mace made her an invaluable companion in their adventuring days, but she was more than happy to settle down, work the land and keep her husband fed when they returned to Mooncrest. One thing everyone notices about Lyla is that she treats everyone she meets like family.


Lyla was born to Lance and Bryanna Dalrison in Valdan, a small farming village located in southern Tellrindos. After struggling with the Dalrison family farm for years, due to the harsh climate of the region, the family moved south to Mensch in the year 76 of the 2nd Era. Lance immediately opened a general store using the funds they’d received from selling the old family farm, and Bryanna built a small business tending to the children of the village.

As a young child, Lyla became fascinated with the small, wooden church near their home and the bell that rang out from its steeple twice per day. As soon as she was old enough, she committed her life to the service of Galrath and joined the church; initially remaining in her childhood home, but eventually moving to church grounds.

It didn’t take long for Priest Brunfor to notice her passion, and skill, and shortly after joining the church she was moved to more advanced studies. At age seventeen she met Gaerin and his family as they were passing through town, and was immediately smitten by the idea of him, and the life he was leading. Brunfor encouraged her to join them on the road, and help Fraela, a cleric in her own right, to spread the word and justice of Galrath.

Less than a year later, at age eighteen, Gaerin and Lyla married on the spur of the moment in the town of Yollville as they were headed south along the coast toward Gusarski Cove. While she was upset at not having her parents present for the ceremony, they were both too impatient to wait for a more formal affair. Neither of them ever regretted the decision.

The loss of most of their party in Pelrigoss several years later almost broke Lyla. Myrindia’s death hit her hardest, as the two had grown quite close, and she felt that the woman’s death was her own failing for being unable to save her. The years they spent in Vellenheim after were mostly a blur of self loathing and child-rearing for her, as she let herself get lost in Laurence’s little world, and paid very little attention to herself, or the church, during that time.

When the family relocated to the outskirts of Mooncrest, she and Gaerin initially tried to start a family of their own. For reasons they never discovered, the pair were unable to bear children and resigned themselves, instead, to treating Laurence like their own son.


Character History

Lyla was never a player character in any roleplaying sessions, and was created specifically for Bathed in the Blood of Ravens. Fun fact: Gaerin and Lyla were only intended to appear in a few small scenes, but after R.L. Parker started writing them, their personalities took over and demanded more attention. Their role in the novel is important, but at the same time often offers a small bit of comedic relief in contrast to the darker nature of Laurence’s travels. It is very likely that Gaerin and Lyla will see their own adventures written some day, likely in the form of a spinoff novella.