Delriahna Colvin



Delriahna is a feisty, no-nonsense woman who helps her husband, Andor, keep control of the town council through political maneuverings and her widespread influence. She is well versed in the nuances of the court, and how to sway people to a common cause through intrigue and subtle nuance. Her day is equally divided between her duties in support of Andor’s position, and raising their daughter Tylee, who seems intent on driving her insane.


Delriahna was born to Aston and Deena in the city of Mooncrest. Aston, a business owner and town council member, worked excessively long hours and demanded a tightly run household. Deena, a business owner in her own right, contributed as much as she could to Aston’s success but was far too busy with her own work and managing their servants to do much for him.

Two servants, Tylee Bryn and Dandrick Eldrin, cared for Delriahna through most of her childhood. They educated her, as Aston instructed, in politics and the ways of the court, while Deena taught her business and finances in the evenings. She was not allowed to play with other children, because Aston considered play a waste of time.

At age fifteen, Aston and Deena left on a short trip to Southwatch Keep to speak with the Commander of the Fourth Legion. During their return trip, their caravan was attacked by a roving band of goblins. A week after their death, word reached Mooncrest and the town council sent a member to inform Delriahna. What they didn’t realize was that word had reached her at the same time, and she was no longer home. They found her later that evening going through the books in her father’s shop, frustrated and angry.

Before the month was out, she’d sold Aston’s general store and put Tylee Bryn in charge of daily operations in Deena’s imports shop. She met with local business owners, one by one, and helped them correct their books of some of the same errors she’d found in Aston’s, winning her favor all across Mooncrest. During that same time, she used the funds she’d gained from the sale of Aston’s business to buy a new home closer to the chapel, and thus the city council’s meeting hall.

It took nearly four years to finalize the purchase and subsequent renovations to her new home. Shortly after moving into it, in year 84 of the 2nd Era, Tylee Bryn fell ill with a wasting disease. Delriahna never left her side, caring for her for months until she passed one evening in Delriahna’s arms.

Over the next few years, Del sold her parents’ home, sold two-thirds of Deena’s imports business to Dandrick in trade for a one third portion of all future earnings, and slowly became one of the most influential people in town.

In year 92, Andor moved to Mooncrest after leaving service with the Legion as a Quartermaster. When he arrived, he began meeting with members of the town council, feeling them out for what it would take to earn an official position. One of the first people he learned about through most of those conversations was Delriahna.

Andor sent a request to Delriahna’s home for a formal meeting, which she immediately declined. She did not know him, and did not consider him worth the interruption to her daily routine. A few days later, Andor came across her in a mercantile shop while she was advising the owner on ways to improve her trade agreements for shipments.

As Delriahna pocketed her advisory fee and turned to leave, he stepped in front of her and introduced himself, insisting on buying her lunch at the eatery just down the walk. Deciding he was attractive enough to warrant at least a meal, she agreed. Through their conversation she learned two things. The first was that he had aspirations of attaining a seat on the ruling council. The second was that she enjoyed his company, and was willing to spend more time with him in the future.

Delriahna had no aspirations toward the city council of her own. She much preferred to work behind the scenes, which is where she considered true power to be. As a member of the council, she knew she’d be judged by citizens constantly. However, if she stayed out of the council, she could continue to move and sway the populace to her whims, and since her business was built on trading favors, they would welcome her manipulations.

She discussed the idea of them assisting each other over several meals in the coming months. They eventually fell for one another and agreed to marry. In the year 93 of the 2nd Era, at the age of twenty eight, she married Andor in front of nearly the entire town population. Andor moved into her home, and they began building their lives as Mooncrest’s most important couple.

In the year 95 of the 2nd Era, at age thirty, their daughter was born. Delriahna named her Tylee in memory of the servant who had raised her, and been her true mother in her eyes. Andor took his place as chair of the Mooncrest Ruling Council shortly thereafter, thanks in large part to Delriahna’s efforts.


Character History

Delriahna was created on the spot as I was writing her first scene in Bathed in the Blood of Ravens.